Anonymous' personal story
Thursday, June 23, 2016
One in Three Campaign

When I was thirteen or so my brother would come into my room and perform sex acts on me. We were twins and we grew up on the North Shore of Sydney. My parents never knew what was happening. This went on for about four years. I was scared to tell anyone as I thought people would think that I was a ‘gay’.

As it turned out I am gay and I have always been left wondering if because of this event early in life if I turned out gay because of the abuse. There was no actual penetration but what he did to me is still sexual assault.

I don't see him now because he lives in a different state to me and he also ripped money out of Mum's estate and I had to hire a Solicitor to get some of it back. The abuse has left a lasting scar on me emotionally and I have a mistrust of people generally now. I was very shy when I was younger and now I guess in lots of ways I still am.

This has been difficult to actually tell my story, however I feel that after doing this today I do feel a little better.

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