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Chloe's personal story

My Father is a victim of Domestic Violence.

I am only 13 years old but within those years I have heard lots and seen lots. My dad a humble, smart, intelligent man married in 1999. But even before the marriage Claire had been lying to him. For instance when she said she was single. Then later she said she was divorced. Then more weeks later she said she had one child then two children then three children. My dad was shocked but when she left him for a day to look after the children he loved the children he felt like a father. My dad married this woman because he felt like a father he never loved her despite people telling him that she was evil.

My dad was abused she bit him all over the body constantly waked him during the night. Claire broke his finger.

In 2008 she had an episode I was five. She was cutting her wedding dress my dad came upstairs and said that is sad. She then stood up and started chasing him with the scissors in her hands and trying to stab him. We then came to the notice. She pushed me down the stairs and then my other sister managed to grab the scissors and hid them. My sister tried to call the police but Claire was strangling her. My sister said she remembers everything going white. The police called back and managing to get her off with the help of the others she talked to the police. When the police came to take her away my dad a humble man was still like please don't hurt her be careful. After all she had done my dad was still a kind man. This memory will always be in my mind this is what I think when I think of my mother.

Let me jump a few years.

July the 4th 2014. My dad had decided to sleep in my sister's room to go away. So my dad was on the window seat when she barged in. "My phone. You reset my phone" (which dad had not). "I am going away and I am going to get my Jihadist patients to kill you all". She then went away. My dad checked a few minutes later and thought everything looked normal. At 6am in the morning we woke up because the alarm had gone off. Dad told us what had happened. We went check for her realising our laptops our phone the wifi box was all gone. We quickly drove down to the police to tell them what has happened.

I have told you a bit, but it is hard to talk about it. It will break you. We moved out on July 14th 2014

We have obtained an ADVO on her she has criminal charges on her.

We do everything.

Men are also have domestic violence.

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