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My story is very similar to others that I have read. My Father, who was a kind, gentle person, was hit, stabbed and attacked in any form from my Mother. She was an aggressive person and would virtually attack anyone if she thought that they had crossed her. My Father had many scars on his back and arms, but credit to him he never, ever laid a finger on her. When these frequent attacks took place, my Father would escape out of the house and stay away for many hours. Of course not been able to take her aggressiveness out of my Dad, she would then attack me. My childhood was appalling, and I grew up hating my Mother. Even though my Mother is now dead I still cannot forgive her. My Father eventually left my Mother and lived on his own until his death.

I just wanted to speak out about men caught up in domestic violence, and as a woman I also have suffered through domestic violence, and see a great need for men and woman everywhere to have a place to go and have counselling and support. . Of course this was not available during my Father's time – nor mine.

Not too many people are aware of how some men suffer at the hands of their loved ones. Hopefully the Government will see a need for men and women caught up in domestic violence and take appropriate action.

Thank you for letting me tell this story.

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