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I am a man I am 25 years. I suffered from sexual assault at the age of 10. Four years ago almost, one person tell people incident of sexual assault. Last year I was in the university. I finished my studies with difficulty. I was friendly, I had many friends. Most people know me in the city (my city is small).

But after that my friends left me. If I walk with anyone, the people look at him, and sometimes they tell him "how can you walk or talk with this person?". They want me vanish. I can not get any chance to work. I can not walk in the street. My community treats me racist. My family want to get rid of me. Dealing with the community and my family is very difficult.

I was working Internet Marketing but my brother made them package me. He does not want me get the money. Two years ago, I went to another city, I worked in a hotel receptionist, the work was good. Two months later, a man from my city, he told them about me. I can not continue because of harassment from employees and management. I quit.

I have  bachelor's degree, I looked for a job and did not accept me. Even if I got a job I can not continue in this community. If I want go to the market, everyone look up and down at me, I can not stay 5 minutes in the market or any public place. Always thinking "run away to anywhere no one knows me".

They want me to commit suicide. But I do not want. Also I can not live sometimes in the home. They do not let me sleep. In fact, I do not feel I am a human. They look to me as a metamorphosis, freak. My family  treat me as a person stinking and sometimes as a slave. I'm scared to death, from my family. Every day I thinking what they will do in the next day. They torment me. I can not trust anyone. My hope is always disappoint. I suffer from psychological problems. Even the psychiatrist in my community is racist. I do not no what I can do.

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