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I was only an infant when my parents sent me to a house inhabited by a sexual abuser.
Both the husband and wife were sexual abusers.
I know I remember.
I remember the painful penetration.
I screamed "Noooo ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !"
I pleaded not to be taken back there
My grandparents would have cared for me that day.
How does a two year old explain he is being raped?
The decades of verbal and emotional abuse which followed to cover it up were terrible.

I was a lucky one to have members of my extended family to give me support, understanding and affirmation of my self-worth.

My story is at www.my.story.grahamguy.com.

Without a Christian Faith, relevant teaching at Church and caring Pastors I would have imploded a long time ago.

Resources are needed for adult male survivors of sexual assault during childhood.

What is out there is very limited hence my own web site.

I've lived to tell my story.
I owe it to other survivors to put it out there.

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