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When our relationship began it all appeared quite normal, but it eventually became clearer I was about to be on the receiving end of a mother with BPD and to receive a constant barrage of verbal abuse and fabricated accusations.

One of her favourite ploys was to pick up our young child and sling verbal abuse, physically poke me and make wild accusations. This is an old provocative trick which many mothers use as I found out. The object was to try and get me to retaliate so she can make comment to the effect of "he abused me while I was holding our child." These verbal barrages persisted for months, then years, projecting all her wild irrational thoughts and actions onto me, all in front of our child.

Always degraded and humiliated around friends and family. Told I don't make enough money. Spat on. Poisoned.

I dearly hope our child is not treated the same.

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