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I’m a man and I was raped by a woman - my girlfriend.

She had a voracious sexual appetite, some would say a sex addiction, usually pressuring to have sex with me several times each day. At first I thought the intimacy was loving, but then soon came to feel she was using me as a toy. I would add that I’m not a wimp and don't get pushed around. I am also physically strong. But I would give in to her demands for sex because she would pressure, nag, and get hysterically aggressive when I said no. I just found it easier to give in and “fake” an orgasm so that she would finish quicker. 

One time I was suffering a life-threatening illness and had a raging temperature over 40 degrees, and I asked her to call an ambulance as I was having heart failure because of the high fever. My heart was pounding and missing beats. At that moment she started to touch my sweat-drenched body in a way that made it clear she was after sex. I was appalled she would attempt such a thing when I was so seriously ill. I said, ”No, please don’t, I’m extremely sick and can’t cope”. She insisted and kept touching and grabbing violently. I did not have the energy to stop her so I just lay there and let her get her rocks off. It was the most soul destroying, painful thing anyone has done to me. It was clearly rape. That night I managed to call an ambulance and was taken to hospital where I remained for a week to get better from pneumonia and heart failure complications.

I have told my story once to a group of three men. Two of those men told of a first hand experience they had of sexual violence by a woman. One thing we agreed on, we would never tell authorities because they wouldn’t believe us and we would be laughed at.

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