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My 19 year old son hooked up with a 17 year old young woman 8 weeks ago. She moved in within 2 days. He was not allowed to see, call or text his friends.

Last Thursday she claimed to be pregnant – 2 days after ovulation – that is if indeed she was having the period she claimed on 28th October. P.S. This skinny little girl had a pot tummy when she met us. We wondered why. Josh states they were using condoms religiously, one had never broken nor come adrift. He can’t understand how she managed it.

Within an hour of meeting her, my partner and I were making bets on how long she would take to get pregnant and get her claws into him. We had tagged her as a user and abuser due to her behaviour, her rubbishing him and striking him in front of us and his clear fear of her.

We found out also on Thursday:

  • She would not allow him to sleep past 10am – (he works night shift getting home at 8am)
  • She gave him an allowance for ½ tank petrol and some food and takes the remainder of his wages
  • She beats him regularly and also his dog
  • She tells him everything wrong in her life is his fault
  • She demands expensive presents rather than meeting his debts and then claims the presents are not good enough
  • She breaks furniture and household items in her rages and then destroys the jewellery her buys her
  • She tells him he’s useless, worthless, f’n stupid.
  • He states “Mum, I am trying so hard, I just can’t make her happy – and I am miserable”

The last assault, she beat him with the broom, gouged him with her nails and kneed him in his chest deformity which causes him excruciating pain. He raised his knees in reflex. He struck her in the stomach as he did so. He than ran from the house, then returned to get his dog to protect it from her. She beat him again and called the police who stated that he would be arrested.

She left with friends. We moved him from the house they were sharing last Saturday.

Yesterday, she got hold of him to “talk”.  By 8pm he:

  • Is going back to her
  • Can’t talk to us
  • Wants and planned for this child
  • States his family doesn’t care about him 
  • Demands we support her as well as him.


I can’t do it.

He has no concept of our fears for him but states that people change, she has apologised and he states - “things just might be OK from here on in – she understands she went about things the wrong way now.”

My son has been stolen and will be destroyed by this terrorist. He is too afraid to defend himself, to walk away, to breathe without permission.

And he WILL NOT listen!!!

Now what???

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