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The wife threatened to kill herself if I didn't stay and put up with her mother’s put downs. The wife took the credit for everything that went well and blamed me for everything that didn’t. The wife put me down in front of our children and encouraged them to put me down too. The wife would not allow me to have my own bank account and made me beg her for pocket money. The wife character-assassinated me to friends and family and alienated me from them. The wife took her anger out on my son’s dog in front of me. The wife would dress up in sexy clothes and come on to men in pubs in front of me and my mother and grin back at me. The wife would drink and be sick all over me and our car and in front of the children. The wife called me ugly, fat, crazy and lazy everyday we were together. After my vasectomy the wife and her mother joked that I had been de-sexed and the wife said that I was no longer a real man. The wife encouraged me to run around after her and her mother and not to pursue my career but told everyone I was a dole-bludger who didn't want to work. The wife made me stay up all night at least once a week to catch up on housework. The wife would always buy herself nice clothes while the children and I walked around in clothes that were old and in many cases had rips, holes or stains. The wife threatened me if I did not have an open marriage she would use her knowledge of the family court to take the family home from me, take the children from me and put down our little dog. I am sad to report that I took my counsellor and case workers advice to say no to the wife, and so the wife’s threats have become reality. I now believe that the wife is using the legal system and other government bodies to bully and harass me.

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