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Are 'men' the problem?

This is our belated contribution to the #MeToo discussion. When we make female perpetrators invisible, we make their mostly male victims invisible too. Blaming ‘men’ not only makes it harder for male victims to get help, it also puts them at risk of secondary victimisation when they present as a victim yet are treated like a perpetrator.

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Reader Comments (3)

Thank you for a clear and simple graphic. Very helpful.

February 13, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterNigel

This is a very telling short video. It should be sent to all members of parliament, most of whom are denial of this truth about gender.

My interest is emotional abuse. Other than the most extreme physical violence, research is suggesting that emotional abuse is even more damaging than physical violence. Anecdotally, it appears that women are more likely than men to use verbal and emotional aggression and abuse. If this type of abuse is factored in to DV occurrence stats, it is likely then that women will be the primary aggressors in DV.

The unchalleneable truth about human society is, that there are aggressive toxic men and there are aggressive toxic women in significant numbers in our society. Until our political leaders incorporate that truth into their policy making, weaker, more vulnerable male human beings who are victims of interpersonal and intimate partner abuse, will never get help or justice.

February 14, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterFactsseker

Events yesterday here in Aus are making me question whether we are wasting our time trying to get our leaders to admit that there are significant numbers of male victims and female perpetrators of DV in this country.

Both political parties are now trying to out do each other with promises of more money to help female victims of DV. . Mr Morrison has only in passing mentioned male victims, but clearly no money or resources are for them. The support is only for female victims. Mr Shorten has not even mentioned male victims when promising an extra $60 million.

We must stop bluffing ourselves. Male leaders have no human feelings for weaker, more vulnerable men. It is considered a waste of taxpayers money to spend it on useless, weak men. Our male leaders are only interested in showing off to younger women. Of course, athletic or more successful tough men are still valued because they will be useful in wars as canon fodder, while weak men will just be useless.

This attitude towards weak men has been the sad truth throughout history. But today, we are supposed to be more enlightened and humane. Well, the evidence gives the lie to that myth. Our male leaders don't care about weak men. That is why trying to get action on male victims of DV, is a futile exercise.

The strategy needs to be completely rethought and reworked. For instance, our male leaders can be exposed and shamed for their dehumanization of vulnerable male human beings. There are certainly other approaches as well that could be more effective that simply trying to appeal to the non-existent good will of our leaders, male and female.

March 5, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterFactsseeker

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