Family violence package ignores men and their children
Monday, September 28, 2015
One in Three Campaign

The national advocacy organisation for male victims of family violence, One in Three Campaign, has welcomed the Federal Government’s $100M Women’s Safety Package, but has expressed disappointment that no funding has been made available to support male victims or children abused by women.

 Government figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australian Institute of Criminology, Attorney General’s Department and WA Department for Child Protection show that:

Greg Andresen, Senior Researcher with the volunteer-run Campaign said, “The government’s new support measures for women are long overdue and warmly welcomed. We hope this is the first in a series of packages aimed at reducing family violence. Many people affected by family violence have been left out of this announcement: the one-third of victims that are male, female perpetrators of family violence, children who are abused and/or killed by their mothers, not to mention broader violence and abuse between family members and in same-sex relationships.”

“We acknowledge that services for women escaping violence from their male partners are the most critical. However except for the Mensline Australia support line 1300 78 99 78, there are hardly any dedicated services for male victims or female perpetrators. Our human rights obligations dictate that services be made available to everyone affected by family violence regardless of gender, sexual preference, age, race or religion,” Mr Andresen said.

* Source: Australian Institute of Criminology National Homicide Monitoring Program database 2010-2012


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