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'Attacked with knives, pelted with heavy objects and alone with their abuse' - the shocking reality for male victims of domestic violence | Daily Mail


One in three victims of family violence is male but there is reportedly little help or support from the government for male victims of domestic violence.

Jasmin Newman, a specialist men’s coach from Relating To Men, believes the current situation for male victims of domestic violence is desperate, according to Channel 9's A Current Affair program.

'There's no shelters, there's no counseling, there's no services available to them, we provide government funding services for woman but we're not providing government funding services for men,' she told the programme. 

One alleged male victim of domestic violence, Simon Lanham, says he was on the brink of death when his ex-partner stabbed him five times. He now has a long scar through the centre of his abdomen after the operation needed to save his life.

'It wasn't the first time she'd attacked me with a knife but she'd always come at me when I could see her coming, so I could stop her but it was dark and she got me from behind,' he said in recounting his version of events. 

In another incident, Mr Lanham was allegedly goaded into retaliating and trading blows with his former partner.

'It took her [his ex-partner] 12 hours from when she wanted me to hit her from when I actually hit her...I probably got punched in the head about 50 times I got spat in the face about a dozen times, grabbed in the testicles and grabbed to the ground half a dozen times and got kicked, eventually she cornered me and got my face before I hit her,' he said.

Phil Hunt who was also allegedly a victim to his wife's rages said he didn't retaliate when she became violent because it felt wrong but if the situations were reversed he would likely be in jail.

'There was things thrown at me like pots and glasses and I remember one night she threw like a ceramic vase type thing at me, it just shattered on the wall. She threw it that hard, lucky I dodged it,' he alleged. 

Even though they might seek help, male victims are not being taken seriously.

Mr Hunt alleged that he reported the incident to police, but he was dismissed. 

'She basically told me just man up and deal with the problem because my ex was quite small... she sort of looked as though, how could she do any damage to you,' he alleged. 

According to One in Three, a website in support of male victims, implies the gender-based campaigns that always refer to woman as victims of domestic violence 'suggest that men are the only perpetrators of family violence and women and children the only victims.'

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Reader Comments (3)

The facts contained are incorrect. In the criminal sentencing, it states that LANHAM a user of methamphetamines and unemployed punched his pregnant partner several times in the face whilst in the caravan when he was high as a kite. His pregnant partner (Who suffers from PTSD and a disability) was required to work several jobs to support 3 children and 2 adults whilst LANHAM got high and failed to search for work.
The sentencing report states that AFTER LANHAM punched his former partner several times in the head, she took a knife and stabbed him twice in the back. She then called an ambulance after understanding what she did. Sentencing record below.


June 12, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterBarrister

@Barrister. How interesting that you would state outright lies in your comment and then provide the evidence to call you out on your fiction based comment. The sentencing report states that MAXFIELD alleged my use of methamphetamine. I had consumed some alcohol. Neither of us was aware of the pregnancy at that point. She had not been diagnosed with either PTSD or any disability. It was during her sentencing procedures she was diagnosed with a mild intellectual disability. There is absolutely NO mention of her having a job. Possibly because she has never worked a single day of paid employment in her life? And ironically, you might say, I had put in applications at two abattoirs that very day and also the Nestle factory in Tongala. Maxfield alleges I punched her, which is disputed in the sentencing report and I have always completely denied because I did NOT punch her even once. I can tell you that she stabbed me in the back FOUR times and once in the upper abdomen, I have the scars to prove it, you slanderous individual. She called an ambulance after she called her mother. I challenge ANYONE to find the slanderous lies that Barrister has commented in the sentencing report.

August 11, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterSimon Lanham

I have to disagree with the first comment made by "barrister". I have read the sentencing record a few times to try and find the statements that s/he makes and I can't find anything remotely similar to what s/he is saying. I'd like to know how he/she interpreted those facts as true. To me it sounds like MAXFIELD is guilty and should be in jail. If this had occurred the other way around then there is no doubt LANHAM would have been jailed and probably still serving time! This case shows how corrupt the system is when it comes to female and male sentencing.
Thank you for sharing your story Simon, you are very brave, I wish you the very best for the future 😀

August 13, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterMe

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