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Open letter to the Victorian Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence

The State of Victoria's submission to the Royal Commission into Family Violence contains the claim that "violence by women is often in self-defence," citing an American document that provides no such evidence to support this claim. 

We have drafted an open letter to the Victorian Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence, the Hon Fiona Richardson, asking her to look into the matter.

As our Fact Sheet indicates, self-defence is cited by women as the reason for their use of intimate partner violence (including severe violence such as homicide) in a small minority of cases (from 5 to 20 per cent).

In a study where self-defence was given as a reason for women’s use of intimate partner violence in a large number of cases (42%), it was cited as a reason for men’s intimate partner violence more often.
Rather than self-defence, reasons commonly given by women for their use of IPV include: 
  • disbelief that their male victims would be injured or retaliate
  • they wished to engage their partner’s attention (particularly emotionally)
  • their partner not being sensitive to their needs
  • their partner being verbally abusive to them
  • their partner not listening to them.

You can download a copy of our Open Letter here.

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Reader Comments (1)

Domestic violence Mr abbot. The other side of domestic violence..the silent victims... also known as dad's... Possibly a cry for all dad's with no rights. And the system allows the mother to manipulate every aspect.

Who do i turn to..how do i prove my wife has changed for the worse since she gave birth..who listens when she constantly yells at a 3 year old..neighbour's can be a witness but which agency intervenes. Mental health at Nepean hospital was booked to assess my wife as they said it's an urgent matter but guess what..no one can do anything until my wife commits..she isn't going to say she's mentally ill..she's chasing full custody and supervised limited visitations for me and my family.. who do i tell that to this day i have not had 1 minute with my daughter because her mother gets into rage when i try to connect with my daughter. Who witnesses the times my wife punches me whilst screaming for help and police so i can hit her..but i don't..and she cuts herself claiming is self defence.. who sees her falsely go to hospital for a dodgy leg claiming i assaulted her.. but forgets to limp until she's reminded. Who hears her say to me to f..k my mother and then records me defending my self whilst stating that I'm the violent and abusive father.. Who understands that the financial burden is on my shoulders.working two jobs to pay the...home loan and all bills. .but she never says as to why she hasn't helped and is chasing full custody and the house.. who is there to see my 3 year old daughter hit me and say get away. .with her mother saying good girl or putting cartoons on. .or giving her treats.... i have 3 years of hell under my belt so far.I've been forced out of my house by the police thanks to her. . Today she even text me that in best interest for our daughter I should only visit when I'm allowed...but i should still pay the bills...whilst she gets single mother pension..and I've never seen or signed any centrelink papers. .. so i ask again. Where do i go for help..how can I prove she is mentally ill?for my daughter's sake..she is being mentally abused and the mother has more rights. I have 3 years of true story's. .I've put up with it so I can see my daughter...
This my friends..is the law..provokes male suicide and allows domestic violence to go ahead.. when will they look at the real problems and do something about dad's with no rights. Stop the mothers from playing games with the courts and forcing the dads to pay excessive ongoing legal fees..
For anyone who dares say to me the Yea but..or other sides to the story.. shove it..cause you really don't understand mental illness first hand. Her lies are so convincing even i believe her..until i realize they're about me.this is a common issue and I'm portrayed as the aggressor.
Unfortunately. . Mental health will not help unless they commit them self.. Sad but reality... I've been trying to get my wife help for 3 years and as she is recognized for having a problem. ..they cannot until she asks.. wrong in so many ways...I've watched her deterioration for the last 3 years..and nothing i can do either. Self harm?she constantly digs into her neck and lips.. and always covers up with make up. . But when they're in denial it's even harder as more problems keep coming. Christmas day I woke up with death threats from her family.. ─Ćids was the only group i could speak to. .who actually gave me some information..to which in still chasing..today. . And waiting.
Numerous counselors lawyers legal aid and psychiatrists wasted my breath. Even police do nothing...also depending on what mood they're in.
Should we even mention her self harm?



August 17, 2015 | Unregistered Commenterdimitri

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