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Domestic Violence: Blaming Men | Mornings with Steve Austin, ABC Brisbane

Do the lives of boys and men not matter anymore?

That's what psychologist and sex therapist Bettina Arndt is wondering.

She's written a piece on the demonisation of men in the domestic violence debate.

Bettina spoke with Steve Austin.


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Thank you Bettina for this amazing chat with Steve Austin. Its awesome to see more and more women speaking up against the untruths that are being perpetrated on men. I have been in such abusive relationships from women and have now found a lady that is kind, caring and nurturing. With men, I have found them to also be incredibly kind, caring and nurturing when given the chance. Not all of us are abusive as the "stats" are being used. Most of us are not and actually abhor such things.

Like you, I've had enough of the demonisation of men. Once I realised that it was all about funding, it made sense in an incredibly stupid way.

Ladies, you are not going to create a world without abuse if you continue to abuse men.

November 13, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterAndrew

Whilst I understand the current law for DV and its intent to protect the obvious undisputed attacks of male against females, their is complete and utter imbalance for the opposite situation of women attacking males. Isnt the law about balance and equality in ensuring any person regardless of gender is represented or protected?
Whilst I support anything that protects an individual, why is it that the laws around Domestic Violence only take women as victims into account?
I felt ashamed and embarrassed to front a police station to make a report....the female police officer showed disbelief of my report.....but were quick to come back at me when my ex made outrageous and unfounded allegations without thorough investigation.

I until recently have been ashamed and embarrassed to publicly acknowledge this situation of imbalance, but the sensational reporting and public brain washing by inaccurate reporting of statistics is an embarrassing insult to the intelligence of all people...
Cmon people, look for the other side of the story before passing judgement. Check the authenticity of information sources, who conducted the research, how many people were interviewed (not just %).....

Make yourself become aware of what's really happening instead of whats being said.....
Many women genuinely need these laws for protection, men do not have the same support but require it as well.
Thes laws are all too often abused by some women who use them as another vindictive way of getting back at an ex partner....this must stop. The laws need to represent everyone, equally. They must be overhauled to ensure the process is correctly and appropriately investigated and applied as required......not just based on unfounded allegations.

I am a male who has been subject to the entire process, without any conviction or evidence to back claims made against me by my ex...but cost me over $8000 to prove that...her $0. The current laws find you guilty until proven innocent, well on paper anyway as the public perception still believes you guilty.....

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