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Domestic violence group White Ribbon Australia in domain name dispute

Leading domestic violence prevention group White Ribbon Australia is considering legal action against a US men's rights group which has launched a rival website named whiteribbon.org, claiming that abuse against women is overstated at the expense of men.

White Ribbon Australia chief executive Libby Davies accused the Texas-based group, A Voice for Men, of trying to undermine its campaign to prevent violence against women and children.

"A Voice for Men is using almost fraudulent practices to guide people away from White Ribbon by using a url called whiteribbon.org," she told a Senate committee hearing into domestic violence.

White Ribbon Australia, which uses the domain name whiteribbon.org.au, has sought legal advice to see what action can be taken against the US site which is asking for donations to fund its defence.

A Voice for Men founder Paul Elam denied fraudulent use of the domain name, saying that he was the legal owner.

"The term 'white ribbon' is not trademarked except by a wine company in the United States," he said.

"There is no trademark infringement here. The domain whiteribbon.org is legally owned by me. I fail to see where any notion of fraud might be."

Speaking at the public hearing of the federal inquiry, Ms Davies claimed an Australian men's group, the One in Three Campaign, was also trying to derail the domestic violence message.

"We find their strategies very disrespectful," she said. "We have not used similar strategies to undermine them."

One in Three Campaign representatives Greg Andresen and Andrew Humphreys told the hearing they were speaking up for male victims of domestic violence whose plight was ignored due to the focus on women, calling for more male-only support services.

"We want to see male victims acknowledged . . . male victims need to feel more comfortable coming forward," Mr Andresen said. "There is a stigma."

The Australian Bureau of Statistics' personal safety survey found that 16.9 per cent of women had experienced partner violence since the age of 15 compared with 5.3 per cent of men.

Mayet Costello, research manager of Australia's National Research Organisation for Women's Safety, acknowledged that men also suffer violence but were at lower risk than women.

"Resources should be directed to where they are most needed," she said.

Larissa Waters, the Greens senator who initiated the inquiry, said it revealed the widespread prevalence of domestic violence despite a national plan to reduce the problem.

"We are seeing escalating violence against women and their children and when you look at the budget, it cuts many of the services women need to escape violence," she said.

"The cuts to housing and to community legal centres will keep women in violent situations. They have nowhere to go and that is the most tragic thing."

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"women and their children"??? I take much offence to those words. Perhaps Larissa Waters might like to revise her statement of ownership relating to children. Women should not automatically be assumed to be the owners of the children, or for that matter, the best gender to look after children. The police operate through that assumption as well, as I experienced first hand after my ex partner, who is a woman, had finished physically attacking me while I held and protected our 2 and a half year old child. It took 2 elbows to her ribs to get her off my back as she flailed her arms at me while trying to snatch our child, who had been screaming throughout that morning every time the mother went near our child. "Daddy do it, daddy do it," "Noooo, I want daddy," "Don't want mummy, noooo, nooo, don't want mummy." The attending police told me "Well, it's usual practice to let the child go with the mother in situations where violence has occurred," thus automatically placing all suspicion on me for no other reason than, I am a man. The police forced me to let my child go with the abuser. Listening to her lie and flummox the police was bad enough. Seeing her take our child after she abused us was terrifying. If only the police had listened to the audio I recorded of that morning and the attack, then they might have arrested the child abusing woman rather than letting our child leave with the abuser. But no, I am a man. I'm not supposed to record audio of the abuse; heaven forbid I violate the abusive woman's privacy! Besides, listening to audio that conclusively tells the truth about the matter seemed to be too much to ask. I suppose the fact that I did also have a temporary protection order against me due the the DVO application my ex partner, a woman, submitted. She submitted that weeks earlier, right after she punched me, then tried to run me over with her car, simply because I asked for the pram sitting in the boot. I called the police twice that morning, but it's not 'he who dares wins', it's 'they who submit dodgy DVO applications first', who win. I digress... Apparently it's 'her' pram and I wasn't to use it. News to me. The court was no better either. "I don't like you Mr." Said the magistrate. The ouster order after the hearing was an insulting double kick in the guts and nuts, based on the same fallacious attitude displayed by Larissa Waters; Apparently magistrates don't want to listen to audio that tells the truth either. The result? My total economic destitution and for all intent and purposes, my eventual homelessness due to the lies told and violence and abuse inflicted by the woman who still considers everything to be rightfully hers after 13 years of relationship; Their child, their house, their car, their money, their pets, their friends, their furniture, their life; I lost all of it plus my business, ergo income, then I was unceremoniously tossed out on the street like a piece of gutter trash while the abuser, a woman, immediately embarked of a campaign of emotional and psychological abuse against our child to soil our childs view of me. Because of attitudes of people like Larissa Waters, I am still scraping myself off the floor below the poverty line over a year later. I've not even made it as far as the poverty line yet; there's a bit of a way to go before I achieve the glorious heights of poverty! Of that I make no joke! I concede, my situation is a bit of a special case in which the woman has run roughshod over a poorly designed system based on inadequate legislation, worked by people with out of date attitudes that do not reflect the reality. Our child is the biggest loser. Our child is taking psychological and now, physical abuse in a way that won't ever be investigated because the legislation doesn't deal very well with women who are dangerous abusers of the flavour that my ex is; and the system is worked by people who are incredulous towards a man when he cries foul or abuse!! It's not that I don't have the evidence to prove my assertions; I have plenty of evidence that far exceeds the burden of proof required to shift the balance of probabilities in my favour and conclusively prove that I am no abuser. But using that evidence is proving more difficult than it was for witches to profess their innocence at the burning stake in that bygone era we'd all rather forget. Just in case people out there need a reminder, I am a real person. I am a human being. I am a man. I am a parent. I am a father!! I love and miss my child like only another loving parent could imagine if they were suddenly ripped away from the lives of children they loved and forcefully excluded from all participation in the childs life. There is nothing and no-one out there to help me because apparently, I am a white, middle aged man, therefore I don't need any help. I am alone in Australia, homeless, and ineligible for CentreLink. Destitute! My ex, a woman who earns 6 figures, quite literally enjoys and revels in the fact that I am so screwed, that by the time I'm climbing out of poverty it'll be too late and our child would have sustained literally, years of abuse; of that I make no joke! It is indescribably gut-wrenching! It is my wish that one day, good men being treated like sub-par human beings, as if undeserving of a voice and justice under inadequate social legislation that is easily manipulated by those unscrupulous enough to exploit it, will also be of a bygone era we'd rather forget. The last 10 minutes of Senator John Madigan's 25 March 2014 speech in the Australian Senate sums up my situation nicely apart from the missing bit about dangerous, psychologically sick misandrist women who do mean as much harm as they can inflict on the ex-men in their lives. These women are few and far between, but they exist all the same. So to all those like Larissa Waters, who automatically assign children to women, perhaps you could choose your words more carefully in future, then perhaps the muddy waters of domestic violence and child abuse will clear enough for the truth to surface and more effective legislation can be written that actually does protect the abused. Lastly: Safe Horizon reported the following statistics... Of child abuse cases in 2012, in over 80% of the cases the parent was the perpetrator. Of the 2012 child abuse cases, 45.3% of the perpetrators were male and 53.5% were female... 53.5% were female... 53.5% were female. Female you say? Interesting isn't it?. - See more at: http://www.safehorizon.org/page/child-abuse-facts-56.html#sthash.fpM6mBif.dpuf

November 5, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterRoger Snow

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