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Women also responsible for domestic violence (letter published)

Our Senior Researcher, Greg Andresen, had this letter published in today's Daily Telegraph newspaper:

Women also responsible for domestic violence

NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Murdoch urges blokes to stand up to woman-beaters (September 21) and I believe this infers that domestic violence is a male crime against women.

The NSW Auditor General found that 34 per cent of domestic and family violence incidents recorded by police in 2010 involved male victims and 30 per cent involved female perpetrators. Not only are these people denied services as a result of their gender, they are ignored by media reports as well.

Greg Andresen, Coogee

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Reader Comments (1)

What a joke.
They're going with the feminist brainwashing LIES.
I have spoken to people on the front line, police and social workers who state that the violence is with both genders.
Either these people have their head buried in the sand or it is proof they are intentionally victimising men to meet an agenda.

September 26, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterPaul

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