Training workshop, Perth, 7th October 2010: Working with men affected by intimate partner violence
Tuesday, September 7, 2010
One in Three Campaign

In Australia up to one in three victims of family violence are male. While many services have quite rightly been established over the past three decades to support female victims of family violence, the needs of male victims remain largely unmet.

The issue of men affected by violence in intimate relationships has been reported for many years and now workers in the domestic violence, community and family relationship sectors are acknowledging this problem and seeking out training for their workers.


The training program is provided for health/welfare/community workers to provide information and strategies for working with men who are affected by violence in their relationships.


• Background to the problem and context violence and abuse occurs in
• The affect of domestic violence on a person - what’s different for men
• Strategies for working with men from a strengths based perspective
• Overview of approaches that work for men who are victims of DV
• Building services for male victims of DV into your agency – what you need to consider
• Promoting work for male victims of DV

COST: $170 for one day training program, training resource pack, all refreshments and lunch plus six month follow up support with your program/resource/service development.


“The experience of DV is similar for men and women but hard for men due to socialisation and how society sees men, but they have the same feelings afterwards as women. Definitely a lack of services for men both in domestic violence and sexual assault areas.” Paula Mudd, Chairperson, Hunter DV Support & Advisory Services Inc.

“We will be able to help men in domestic violence better now and you have helped me understand it a lot more... we really need a change of attitude towards male victims.” Roxanne Shettler, Secretary, Hunter Domestic Violence Support & Advisory Services Inc.


Greg Millan is a social work trained health educator and trainer with over 18 years experience in the men’s health promotion area developing and implementing many workshop programs, community events and resources covering a wide range of male health and wellbeing issues. He has worked for Government, Non-government organisations and the private sector. He is the Vice President of the Australasian Men’s Health Forum Inc., Australia’s peak body implementing a social approach to male health and author of “Men’s health & wellbeing: an a–z guide”.

This training program has been developed by Greg based on his research and clinical experience in working with men who have experienced violence in their intimate relationships and men who have been sexually abused.

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