Tot's death result of 'domestic violence'
Monday, January 18, 2010
One in Three Campaign

A 23-year-old mother who unintentionally stabbed and killed her own 16-month-old daughter had been retaliating against years of domestic violence. The woman thrust a knife towards her de facto, unaware he held her child in his arms. Defence lawyer Michael Clarke said during sentencing submissions for his client Nicole Frances Bryan that "tragic timing" had seen her de facto turn around as she brought down a kitchen knife on March 7 last year. Mr Clarke told the Supreme Court his client had endured years of domestic violence and that the night of the tragedy had been the first time she struck back. A State prosecutor told the court it was hard not to have empathy for Ms Bryan but she had committed a reckless, intentional and violent act that had resulted in unintentional consequences. The prosecutor said the de facto, who did not want retribution, claimed domestic violence had occurred on both sides in the past.

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