This page contains a selection of recent news articles and commentary about male victims of violence and abuse plus related issues. These articles are presented as a community service, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the One in Three Campaign.

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Men In Scotland - new website (Scotland)

Men In Scotland (MIS) is for the moment a blog and forum to accompany the ePetition currently on the Scottish Parliament website, on male victims of domestic abuse. Their immediate and major concern is the current approach by government and other public authorities to domestic abuse and violence as ‘violence against women’. This leaves men on the receiving end of domestic abuse/violence and their children unacknowledged and unsupported.

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Domestic-Violence Crusader Mary J. Blige Slugs Husband 

Mary J. Blige punched husband Kendu Isaacs in the face at her record release party at club M2 Tuesday night. The singer slugged Isaacs, drawing blood, after she thought he was flirting with a waitress. “She turned to him and was screaming, ‘You’re not going to ruin my night,’ ” our witness says. “They got up in each other’s faces before someone tried to separate them, at which point she shoved the guy aside, pulled back and popped [Isaacs] in the face.” The source said Blige, Isaacs and their entourage were whisked through a door to the attached club Pink, which was closed. Our witness relates, “She was yelling at him, ‘What are you gonna do, Chris Brown me?’ Four of her bodyguards and two of the club’s kept them apart.” Isaacs was kicked out. Blige went to the bathroom to fix her hair and makeup, but soon fled, creating an uncomfortable scene for partygoers Jay-Z, Beyoncé and Busta Rhymes.

That must have been especially awkward for Jay-Z, considering the way he handled Chris Brown after he attacked Rihanna last winter. No word yet whether MJB will receive the same treatment. But didn’t Mary J. Blige just open a domestic-violence shelter in New York last month? Why yes, yes she did. I don’t think “we’re given this job to be able to touch someone” means punching them in the face during a jealous rage. Keep your fists in your pockets, woman.

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Male victims of domestic abuse/violence petition (Scotland)

The Petitions Committee is a genuinely democratic innovation in the Scottish Parliament and allows access by ordinary citizens to raise issues of public importance. A petition titled “Male victims of domestic abuse/violence” was raised by Alison Waugh and Jackie Walls on 23 December 2009.

The petition calls on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to ensure that all publicly funded action (campaigns, publications, action plans, projects, training programmes, etc.) on domestic abuse/violence are overhauled to fully acknowledge the extent to which men are at the receiving end and to address the needs of male victims and their children.

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Strathclyde Police domestic abuse campaign features male victims (Scotland)

In a positive sign that the times are changing, Strathclyde Police's domestic abuse campaign (Scotland, Christmas 2009) features male as well as female victims. You can view the ad poster here, the TV ad here, or an STV News story about the campaign here.


Domestic dispute cost Bengals' Henry his life (USA)

Cincinnati Bengals' receiver Chris Henry fell out of a pickup truck Wednesday, in an apparent domestic abuse dispute with his fiancée, Lolieni Tonga, with whom he was raising three children. He was found eight miles north of downtown Charlotte lying in a residential street, and suffered life-threatening injuries. According to Associated Content, Henry was pronounced dead just after 6:00 am this morning, but the news was withheld until the last hour.

Henry's death highlights the tragic outcome of partner violence, one form of domestic abuse. Domestic violence is widespread, and estimates suggesting that up to 10% of U.S. households suffer from some form of abuse, including emotional, physical, sexual and financial and against partners, elders and/or minors. Between intimate partners, women are far more likely to sustain physical injuries (65% according to one analysis), be the victims of stalking, and fear for their lives.

However, men and women are equally aggressive towards one another according to experts who’ve studied domestic violence in the US and abroad, and some suggest that the term 'partner abuse' should be used to highlight that this is not a gender specific tragedy.

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