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Cops: Man lured by ex, sodomized (USA)

The 29-year-old man told his former lover that he had romance on his mind Sunday night.

His ex, Renada Williams, 28, told him she did, too, but Philadelphia police said she had on her mind a brutal plan of revenge against him.

With her former lover nude and ready for romance at her place, police said, two thugs, 16 and 20, showed up and brutalized him with a broomstick.

Police said they sodomized the man, then pummeled him with the broomstick. After the ordeal, the two tied up the unidentified victim with electrical cords.

The victim was so roughed up, he told investigators that he passed out and didn't know how long he'd been unconscious, said police spokesman Lt. Frank Vanore.

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Violence law faces challenge

A Tasmanian group has filed a $200 million class action against Premier David Bartlett and the Director of Public Prosecutions.

It is believed to be the first Australian class action against a law.

JAIL (Juries Against Illegal Laws) filed papers with the Federal Court of Australia on February 4 claiming that the Family Violence Act 2004 (Tasmania) was invalid.

The group is claiming $200 million in damages under Section 46 of the Australian Human Rights Commission Act.

JAIL is also seeking an additional $200,000 in damages for unlawful assault, trespass, negligence, conspiracy to cause economic loss, intimidation and defamation.

The writ further seeks an order that the Tasmanian Government and DPP Tim Ellis cease to engage in arresting people without proper evidence or procedures, giving police judicial powers, denying people the right to a fair and proper hearing and usurping the proper role of the courts.

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Men Can Be Victims Too

Letter to the editor: Daily Telegraph (Sydney)

Discrimination against men by the NSW Government continues. Community Services Minister, Linda Burney, has launched a program entitled “Staying Home Leaving Violence”. This program aims to remove perpetrators of domestic violence from their homes. However, Ms Burney makes it plain that she and her Department do not consider that men can ever be victims of violence by women.

As Ms Burney states “Staying home leaving violence helps to prevent homelessness by removing the perpetrator from the family home, meaning women and children can remain safely where they are. The program places accountability firmly on the shoulders of the violent offender and ensures women and children are not driven to homelessness…”.

Feminist influence on social; policy has been biased and inept. Categories of family violence, where women comprise a large or in fact a major proportion of the offenders (assault and homicide of children under 5 years of age and abuse of the elderly), are not classed as domestic violence.

Publications from the Federal Office of the Status of Women have stated that “Domestic violence is violence by a man against women and children” and that “Men can’t be victims of domestic violence, they can only feel they are.”

Men who are victims of domestic violence and their children are truly on their own. As well as the stigma and shame for male victims, government agencies and legal support services routinely discriminate against men.

The dreadful impact of female family violence can be seen in the childhood story of Jon Venables, the Bulger child murderer. My heart sank as I read of Jon lining up his teddy bears at night to protect him from another brutal beating at the hands of his mother. I urge people to look at the material available at the ‘One in Three campaign’ website at

Andrew Humphreys
1 Normandy Street
Narrawallee NSW 2539


Murder accused wife weeps in court

An Adelaide woman has pleaded not guilty to murdering her husband by setting him alight at their Unley home in 2008.

Rajini Narayan, 45, wept in Adelaide Magistrates Court as she denied a charge of murder and another of arson.

It has been alleged she poured methylated spirits on her husband's genitals and ignited it, because of an alleged affair.

Narayan also pleaded not guilty to endangering the lives of her three children who were at home.

She will face the Supreme Court in April.

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A male victim of domestic violence explains why he was living in fear of his wife (UK)

It’s usually a crime committed by men against women. But as many as one in six men are victims of domestic violence. Kieron Bell, whose wife was jailed last week for attacking him, explains why he didn’t come forward until it was almost too late.

Burly bouncer Kieron Bell had no problem at all removing troublesome drunks from the nightclub where he worked.

But he found himself powerless to stand up to the domestic violence meted out by his petite wife and it almost cost him his life.

Many would find the situation hard to believe. And it was that fear which delayed Kieron reporting the domestic violence he was suffering at the hands of his seemingly loving wife.

She had attacked him regularly since they married in June 2006 but it wasnt until Sarah stabbed him in the chest with a steak knife that Kieron had the courage to stand up to his 24-year-old partner.

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